Wednesday, 21 January 2009

two great American pop records

World's Greatest Music writes...

T-Shirt by Shontelle which is my favourite R&B record (well, pop really) since Umbrella.

And Love Story by Taylor Swift, an awesome pop song that reminds me of Oh Romeo by Mindy McReady.

Shontelle - T-Shirt (Amazon)

Taylor Swift - Love Story (not on Amazon or iTunes UK yet although the video is on iTunes. Record companies eh?)

Mindy McReady - Oh Romeo (Amazon)


Clare said...

hello world's greatest music!

love your blog! been reading it for a little while now. so i'm been surfing the net in the wee hours (dont ask why) and for some reason feel inspired to offer a suggestion! (perhaps i should start my own blog?!) anyhow there's this gal from tipperary named gemma hayes whom you may have heard of. a pal of mine sent me this the other day..i guess she just finished a promo which i found kind of catchy...have song stuck in my head!

anyways...that's all for now! keep with the good blogging. and thanks for the intro to taylor swift! love that song. and shontelle too!


The World's Greatest Music said...

thanks a lot Clare for the feedback and the suggestion

I wrote about Gemma here: