Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Get Behind Me Satan And Push

Joe writes:  I heard this in a vintage clothes store in Brussels. Brilliant but rather hard to find track. It may be from 1968, or the 70s, but it sounds older than that.

Billie Jo Spears - Get Behind Me Satan And Push (not on iTunes or Amazon)


Anonymous said...

One of the greatests songs ever.

"Look out, woman/ Dynamite's comin'! I'm mad like hornet, yellin' 'Darnit!'/Get behind me, Satan, and push!"

Billie Jo recorded this rockabilly blazer circa 1970, but perversely it went unreleased until unearthed in 2004. Maybe they were scared of her."

The World's Greatest Music said...

yes I think you might be right there

Anonymous said...

been searchin for this hi and lo...thanks!

Anonymous said...

it was recorded in 1968. the band SLIPKNOT used it as a intro on there 2000 tour

Anonymous said...

Available on Ace compilation "Good Girls Go Bad: Wild, Weird & Wanted".