Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Human by The Killers

World's Greatest Music writes:

Over the Christmas holidays I decided that this was my favourite track of 2008. Current single Spaceman is very good too.

The Killers - Human (Amazon)


Ilona said...

"Human" is a great track, but may be one of the few songs substantially marred by the sheer meaningless of one of its lines. I think Brandon must have come up with the lines "Are we human?" and then "I'm on my knees looking for the answer" first and then realised that it's quite hard to come up with an alternative to a human which rhymes with "answer". I have tried to think of one, but am unable to as yet. Personally I think it would have been quite entertaining if he had turned it into a soul-searching meditation on his mormon origins - "Are we mormons or are we dancers?" has quite a ring to it.
Incidentally I prefer "Spaceman" on the Day and Age album. Much better than the Babylon Zoo version.

The World's Greatest Music said...

There is a justification to the Killers lyric involving a Hunter S Thompson quote. But even if there wasn't, that's why I like it. It's the apparent bizarre inanity of it that has made it a talking point in a way that so few lyrics are. "What's she going to look like with a chimney on her" etc.

I also love the way it's basically a cheesy dance record of the type we used to dance to, but elevated to something somehow credible by the addition of Brandon's vocals.

I also like Spaceman but I prefer Human.

Finally, did you know that the lyric is actually "Are we human or are we dancer?" singular. The lyric is actually quite pertinent to our generation don't you think?

Fi said...

Blimey, a comment from Ilona! Well I'll be. Sadly, her appearance will make my comment - that I have never heard the album, don't wish to, but think the cover is lovely - sound completely inane. Bugger. My vote for best track goes to Love Lockdown by Kanye West. Astounding, modern, dark but optimistic album.

The World's Greatest Music said...

Oh yeh, my favourite album of last year was the Kanye album. Modern, emotional and brave, like something Prince would have done.