Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy Birthday Röyksopp

World's Greatest Music writes...

I recommend downloading this free track Happy Birthday from Röyksopp's website, firstly because it's rather good, and secondly so you can play it at birthday parties and put it on birthday mixtapes.

Röyksopp - Happy Birthday

I'm thinking about changing this blog

Joe writes:

Amazon's mp3 download store is almost what I've been waiting for. With one click, you can get good quality mp3s with no DRM, often for 69p which is still too expensive but heading in the right direction. The range is of course smaller than Amazon's CD store (not to mention the torrent sites, Limewire, the Hype Machine etc), but a fair proportion of the tracks on this blog are available there.

So can we still justify posting links to download free mp3s of tracks that are available on the Amazon store?

Maybe we should post a YouTube link (like the Primitive Radio Gods one at the bottom of this post) or an Imeem link (like the Slightly Stoopid one on the next post down) for listening purposes, with an Amazon link for anyone who wants the mp3?

What do you think?

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Box With Money In My Hand (Amazon)

Slightly Stoopid - 2am

Joe writes:

Slightly Stoopid are a very successful touring band in America (what is it with American touring bands and stupid names?). They are less well known in Britain but held in high regard within a certain scene. With 2am, they do the white reggae thing really convincingly. This could be a hit in the UK.

Slightly Stoopid - 2am (not on iTunes UK but it is on iTunes US)

2 am - Slightly Stoopid

The Temper Trap are a buzz band who deserve the buzz

Joe writes:

They should be around for many years (they've already been around for a few). They can really play live as well.

Thanks to Captain Obvious for the link.

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (not on Amazon or iTunes yet)

I meant to write about this earlier - Davy Graham died

Joe writes: Read an obituary for more about Davy.

Anji is flawless.

And I couldn't resist an Angie thread as that name features in the title of Helen Reddy's finest hour, and one of the Stones' best songs as well. But I have managed to resist posting Anyone Can Fall In Love by Anita Dobson, good tune though it is.

Davy Graham - Anji (iTunes)

Helen Reddy - Angie Baby (Amazon)

The Rolling Stones - Angie (Amazon)


Friday, 5 December 2008

The perfect gig?

Phil writes:

Caught Leonard Cohen on the final gig of his 2008 European tour. A sensational evening. Everything was just right - setlist, voice, dancing (!), band, backing vocalists, sound (which is usually poor at the MEN arena), large screen video, poetry. One of those artists who's written so many great songs that it's very difficult to select one but I think this has to be it, a haunting, subtle, mysterious track that I never tire of. My son is also fascinated by it and once emailed me about it at 3am. Amazingly, 'at four in the morning' (a rare sleepless night) I read his email and replied. 'Hallelujah' is also a favourite but is now in danger of being done to death and I couldn't help noticing that even L. Cohen has followed most of the cover versions by singing 'do you' etc instead of 'do ya' and so repeatedly spoiling the rhyme scheme. But I guess it's his song so he can do that.

Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat (iTunes)