Monday, 29 December 2008

I'm thinking about changing this blog

Joe writes:

Amazon's mp3 download store is almost what I've been waiting for. With one click, you can get good quality mp3s with no DRM, often for 69p which is still too expensive but heading in the right direction. The range is of course smaller than Amazon's CD store (not to mention the torrent sites, Limewire, the Hype Machine etc), but a fair proportion of the tracks on this blog are available there.

So can we still justify posting links to download free mp3s of tracks that are available on the Amazon store?

Maybe we should post a YouTube link (like the Primitive Radio Gods one at the bottom of this post) or an Imeem link (like the Slightly Stoopid one on the next post down) for listening purposes, with an Amazon link for anyone who wants the mp3?

What do you think?

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Box With Money In My Hand (Amazon)

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Ilona said...

Thanks for posting that Primitive Radio Gods song, it's quality, I haven't heard it in ages and had totally forgotten the name of the band and, perhaps more understandably, the name of the song.