Monday, 29 December 2008

The Temper Trap are a buzz band who deserve the buzz

Joe writes:

They should be around for many years (they've already been around for a few). They can really play live as well.

Thanks to Captain Obvious for the link.

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (not on Amazon or iTunes yet)


Mike Kruger said...

Science of Fear herve remix -

Science of Fear Video -

Anonymous said...

This is a band that plainly rips of the music of "now" if you cant see that then you are blind. They are the sound of now and will come and go as quickly as the next fad comes along. Getting pushed in all the right places by all the right people, telling you its amazing. Put enough money and suck enough record companies dicks and your band could also be at this level. RESPECT REAL MUSIC ..BE INDEPENDENT..

The World's Greatest Music said...

They've already been around for a while and they're signed to an independent label. Hopefully they'll be like Kings Of Leon or The White Stripes, a fashionable band on this album who become a great and huge band on subsequent albums.