Friday, 5 December 2008

The perfect gig?

Phil writes:

Caught Leonard Cohen on the final gig of his 2008 European tour. A sensational evening. Everything was just right - setlist, voice, dancing (!), band, backing vocalists, sound (which is usually poor at the MEN arena), large screen video, poetry. One of those artists who's written so many great songs that it's very difficult to select one but I think this has to be it, a haunting, subtle, mysterious track that I never tire of. My son is also fascinated by it and once emailed me about it at 3am. Amazingly, 'at four in the morning' (a rare sleepless night) I read his email and replied. 'Hallelujah' is also a favourite but is now in danger of being done to death and I couldn't help noticing that even L. Cohen has followed most of the cover versions by singing 'do you' etc instead of 'do ya' and so repeatedly spoiling the rhyme scheme. But I guess it's his song so he can do that.

Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat (iTunes)

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