Thursday, 18 September 2008

new-ish bands I've been meaning to post for a while

World's Greatest Music writes...

Your Twenties are a kind of English art rock take on early Hall & Oates or Steely Dan, with surprisingly melodic songs. I stole the link from the excellent Pinglewood blog.

Barefoot Confessor's Camden Road is somewhere in the middle ground between The Libertines and McFly, and I think either band would be proud of it.

Music Go Music sing out of tune, but what good songs. They're very LA as someone pointed out to me. And they have some amazing illustrations on their MySpace site.

I saw Billy The Kid at Latitude Festival and they were really good, if tired and hungover. If I Was is neat.

Music Week's Playlist is a good place to discover new music including Middle Class Rut, who really remind me of Harvey Danger. Flobots have a hit sounding like Cake, so maybe MC Rut can have one sounding like another second division nineties US rock band.

Your Twenties - Caught Wheel (Amazon)

Barefoot Confessor - Camden Road (not on iTunes yet)

Music Go Music - I Walk Alone (iTunes)

Billy The Kid & The Brothers Barbaylios - If I Was (not on iTunes yet)

Middle Class Rut - New Low (iTunes)

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