Sunday, 7 September 2008

Joan Baez covers English songwriter

worldsgreatestmusicdad writes...

I notice that Joan Baez has included a song by Thea Gilmore on her upcoming album. Haven't heard it yet but it's not such a surprise as Baez guests on Gilmore's latest album 'Liejacker'. I don't know a lot of her stuff but I heard her guesting with Martha Wainwright when they sang her excellent song 'This Girl Is Taking Bets' with its Dylanesque succession of striking images.

Thea Gilmore - This Girl Is Taking Bets (not on iTunes so here's an Amazon link for the album Rules for Jokers)

Thea Gilmore has also done some fine covers herself, including this which is somehow unexpected:

Thea Gilmore - Warm And Tender Love (iTunes)

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Anonymous said...

Been a fan of Thea Gilmore's for a long time - can't understand why she's not better known but she opened for Joan Baez at the Albert Hall and is currently touring in the States with Joe Jackson. I was amazed to hear Thea's version of the Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love used on Holby City last week so maybe she working her way into the British psyche by osmosis. Certainly deserves more exposure.