Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Alison Krauss

is a wonderful pure-sounding vocalist who is about to have a no. 2 album chart entry in the US and the UK with Robert Plant.

Other blogs have featured tracks from that album so here are some classics from her catalogue.

Her early compilation Now That I've Found You was successful in the UK, and paved the way somewhat for the later success of Eva Cassidy, then Norah Jones, and then Katie Melua. A great cover of Baby Now That I've Found You was the single which I think I'm right in saying was playlisted by Radio 1. Her cover of Keith Whitley's song When You Say Nothing At All was also great, and inspired Ronan Keating's later hit version. I bet that's the first mp3 blog post to mention both Ronan Keating and Katie Melua.

Her cover of The Three Bells was on an album called Tribute To Tradition that only seems to be available second hand at present. It's a straight cover so I've posted the Browns original as well, but they're both magical. When you're as good as Alison, you can afford to keep it simple.

Finally, Down To The River To Pray (which should be called Down In The River To Pray) was on the phenomenally successful Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack.

Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All (there's only a live version on iTunes but it sounds OK)

Alison Krauss - The Three Bells (not on iTunes)

Jim Ed Brown & The Browns - The Three Bells (iTunes)

Alison Krauss - Down To The River To Pray (iTunes)

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