Thursday, 28 June 2007


It looks like Robyn will break the UK. I didn't pay that much attention at first because I remember her from ten years ago when she was doing generic Cheiron-type pop.

Anyway, her new record is like Peaches meets Madonna with really good vocals. She worked on it with the guy out of Teddybears and has covered their best track Cobrastyle. Here's the Robyn version on iTunes. And the Teddybears version (iTunes).

Also, she has covered List Of Demands by Saul Williams. It's a rubbish version but I applaud the idea. iTunes link for Robyn's version. iTunes link for Saul's best track Black Stacey.

My favourite Robyn track so far is the one Radio 1 have just added - her guest vocalling on Kleerup's emotive electronic project (about time we had one of those), with a song called With Every Heartbeat (iTunes)

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