Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cannonball by Damien Rice as performed by John Adams on X Factor

Joe writes: Cannonball is in the top 3 on iTunes after a Welsh teacher named John Adams performed it on X Factor last night. It's a reminder that even when an album sells a million plus - as Damien Rice's O did, driven by this single - it might only have reached a fraction of its potential audience. Simon Cowell deserves a lot of credit for (amongst other things) bringing songs like Cannonball and Hallelujah to the attention of people who otherwise wouldn't have heard them. I'm pleased - Cannonball is one of the great songs of the past decade. Also, I had no idea this was the official video for Cannonball - interesting.

The other classic from that first Damien Rice album is The Blower's Daughter. Incidentally, I wonder how Damien Rice feels about his music being prefaced by McDonald's ads on YouTube?

The second Damien Rice album 9 didn't sell as well as O but it's brilliant. Here's The Animals Were Gone:

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