Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Torn Between Two Lovers

Joe writes: I'm a big fan of obituaries - I find them very inspiring. When I read in Barry Beckett's obituary that his first no. 1 as a producer was a record called Torn Between Two Lovers, I knew it was going to be good. Why don't they make records like this anymore?

I must admit I hadn't heard of Barry Beckett or Mary MacGregor until a week ago, then Barry passed away and his career was extensively discussed by Bob Lefsetz and his readers.

It's rather difficult to buy Mary's hit version of this song, but of course it's easy to find on YouTube and Rapidshare. The YouTube comments are fabulous, particularly this one that says it all: "Perfect voice and delivery... This song has one of the most beautiful melodies with a wonderful chord progression. Too bad the concept is from the pits of Hell. The opposite of Love is not Hate; the opposite of love is Selfishness."

Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two Lovers (link to buy an mp3 album on Amazon including this track)


DW said...

Really you are the only person in the world, aside from me, who would enthuse about Clap your Hands and Torn Between Two Lovers.

I, of course, possess both records.

Bought Torn on 7” way back.

People with beards will enthuse about The Carpenters (I guess because Karen died) and yet dismiss a record like this. Illogical.

Do you know The Killing Of Georgie, Pts I and II by Rod Stewart? I am sure you do. I think its Rod’s great forgotten classic and Barry Beckett is all over it. Tom Dowd produced.

The World's Greatest Music said...

yes Georgie is great isn't it