Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

The World's Greatest Music writes...

I Want You Back is a contender for the greatest pop record of all time.

Billie Jean is the greatest dance record of all time.

This is the greatest dance move of all time:

Off The Wall and Thriller are the albums it's OK to like but Bad was brilliant too, as was Black And White.

He was still making great music in the mid '90s - Earth Song may be schmaltzy but it's also a fantastic song.

I wonder if there will ever again be multi-talented, mass appeal, worldwide music megastars like Michael?

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DW said...

I love superstars and I have loved MJ since I was 9 when Valerie Ruddock played me her big sister’s new single by this “ by this brilliant new group”.

I’ve seen him live twice (brilliant). It’s not that MJ died that bothers me, but rather that with him gone and everyone else just gone to seed, there is no one in the musical firmament who fills those globally important, genuinely talented, utterly loved, original innovator shoes anymore.

After Elvis came Beatles after Beatles came so many talents it’s impossible to list but I’ll say Zeppelin & Stevie W and after them came Punk (and through all this time there is always Bowie) and then the 1980s was a smorgasbord of mega global talent…George M, Bowie (again), Prince, MJ, GnR etc etc, but since then the lights seemed to have dimmed and though there are still big ‘successes’ and though there are still ‘great records’, there is no one (I don’t think) who commands those global heights.

There is no one who everyone likes. No one who is genuinely loved for their extraordinary talent and ability to enhance our lives with that talent.

With MJ gone (prepare yourself for the journalistic cliché) it does feel like it was ‘the day the music died’. We are now 100% in another epoch. The rock n roll years are gone, over, forgotten. It was like the day the last steam train rolled out of the station, everyone knew there would still be trains, but some people realised that trains would never look that great or be that exciting ever again. And that made them feel a real sense of loss.