Friday, 13 March 2009

from Shelby to Dusty to American Music Club to The Carpenters

World's Greatest Music writes...

Your Lies and Leavin' should have been huge hits for Shelby Lynne when she was first signed to Mercury. She was kind of Norah Jones meets Duffy.

Shelby's last record was a covers album of songs immortalised by Dusty Springfield, plus one new composition. You can hear tracks on Shelby's rather neglected MySpace site.

One Dusty classic Shelby doesn't cover is No Easy Way Down, perhaps because Norah Jones also covered it recently. If you don't own any Dusty albums then get Dusty In Memphis - it's as good as everyone says.

American Music Club also covered There Is No Easy Way Down, which gives me an excuse to post my favourite AMC track Johnny Mathis' Feet. In some ways AMC were a pre-cursor to the emo and Americana-tinged sound that is so prevalent in North American alternative music today (Arcade Fire etc).

Come to think of it, American Music Club have great taste in covers - they also covered my favourite Carpenters song Goodbye To Love.

Shelby Lynne - Your Lies (Amazon)

Shelby Lynne - Leavin' (Amazon)

Dusty Springfield - No Easy Way Down (Amazon)

American Music Club - Johnny Mathis' Feet (Amazon)

The Carpenters - Goodbye To Love (Amazon)


Anonymous said...

"No Easy Way Down" was not technically an AMC cover; it's from Mark Eitzel's solo album '60 Watt Silver Lining' (though Danny Pearson from AMC played bass on it).

Eitzel did amazing work on '60 Watt Silver Lining'; one of his best albums I think.

The World's Greatest Music said...

of course - you are quite right - thank-you