Tuesday, 10 March 2009

epic indie prog

Joe writes: I rather like this band The Fine Arts Showcase from Malmö, and particularly their epic track Friday On My Knees. It reminds me of something Mark Radcliffe would have played in his Radio 1 days. In fact it reminds me of something specific he did play, Safesurfer, my favourite Julian Cope track. Read the Rolling Stone review of the album that contains Safesurfer.

The Fine Arts Showcase - Friday On My Knees (Amazon)

Julian Cope - Safesurfer (Amazon)


Ilona said...

Will check it out - always good to see my fellow Swedes releasing new records. Quite a lot of good new stuff coming out over the next month. I definitely want the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Royksopp albums, and whilst I thought Bat for Lashes' first was a bit dull, I have heard some of the stuff off the new album and it sounds promising for those of us still in awe to St Kate of the Bush. I x

The World's Greatest Music said...

haven't really got into Bat For Lashes yet but agree about Kate Bush

let me know what you think of the Swedish band

James Branton said...

I like that track a lot! Check out my 'Epic Indie' Band www.thequantize.com

music lyrics said...

Wah! I like that track a lot! I'm happy that quite a lot of good new stuff coming out over the next month..