Monday, 19 May 2008

Does Martha Wainwright sound like Kate Bush to you????

Phil writes: She does to me, at least on a couple of the tracks on her new album. That's not necessarily a bad thing I suppose - as long as she doesn't make a habit of it. Although KB is one of those artists who deserves some credit for originality, I think her voice would get intensely irritating if you listened to more than a track at a time. See what you think by comparing the Martha track with Kate's stunning second single, which she performed on TOTP while doing the weirdest swinging round dance. Martha's voice is actually much more versatile - listen to her singing two great standards (as part of Rufus's Judy Garland tribute) on YouTube.

Martha Wainwright - Tower Of Song (iTunes for the album)

Martha Wainwright - Stormy Weather

Martha Wainwright - Someone To Watch Over Me

Kate Bush - Wow (iTunes)


Wibbs said...

Kate Bush! Martha f----g Wainwright! That’s like comparing apples and mouldy grass cuttings!

I am tempted to make you a Kate compilation CD.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they sound very much alike.