Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another Lost Album, Another Spectacular TOTP Performance

Leo Sayer's debut album 'Silverbird' was full of good tracks and showed off his distinctive voice and unusual vocal range to excellent effect. His TOTP debut was even more striking (and happily some helpful person has put it on YouTube - not the original, I think, but very close in spirit). This was, of course, in the days when there were only two or three channels and everyone was talking about this guy in the clown suit and his mesmerizing performance. Since then he's had a well-documented decline, with occasional rediscoveries, but he has written and performed some memorable songs and I wouldn't bet against another comeback at some point.

Leo Sayer - Silverbird (Amazon)

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Wibbs said...

You even know how great Silverbird is. You are clearly pretty cool! Jeanette Was A Dancer is a personal heartbreaker classic that ultimately came true, except her name wasn’t actually Jeanette.

Do you know Leo Sayer was Melody Maker newcomer of the year the year that album came out? And the first time I heard him was as a 10 yr old listening to John Peel. The Stalinist revisionists have written that one out of our history books,but Leo was cool enough then for Roger Daltrey to cover and have a hit with Just a Boy. Leo Sayer is the 2nd greatest UK blue eyed soul singer, ever. Even better than Mick Hucknall, who lacks Leo’s ‘honesty’.