Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Plastic Little and The Cure

Joe writes: I didn't actually hear Plastic Little on the radio today but I heard both Jo Whiley (Radio 1) and George Lamb (6music) talking about the fact that were going to play Plastic Little.

I wonder what track they played? Certainly not the piece of filth that is Get Close. Janet Street-Porter could read out the phone book and it would still sound good, as long as Close To Me by The Cure was the backing track.

My other favourite Cure track is In Between Days (of course). Here's the demo with almost no lyrics - it sounded great even in that form.


Jayson Scott Musson said...

Why you no like my music. It's the future bitch. Everything is up for grabs. Do you want me to come to London and punch you in your face? I will. I'll fly out on Virgin Atlantic (business class of course, mate) and beat you up. Then i will have my boston terrier rape you.

Oh, and Garth Brooks? Hahahahaahaaa.

Nice blog by the way......

(with borat timing)


The World's Greatest Music said...

I really like your track

that's why I put it on my blog

it's not as good as The Dance by Garth Brooks, but it is very good

The World's Greatest Music said...

P.S. I even put it on a CD for my girlfriend