Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Let's Dance

Joe writes: Always was a great David Bowie song. The line "and if you say run, I'll run with you" is so brilliant and unexpected, musically.

There are two cover versions around at the moment but I prefer this one by M Ward from a few years ago (it doesn't seem to be on iTunes, probably because the artist is precious about it).

Here's Hi-Fi, a really good M Ward original (iTunes).

And here's a little-known Bowie track, It's Gonna Be Me (Amazon).

I read somewhere that John Lennon came on board late for Bowie's cover of Across The Universe, so they had to lose something from the Young Americans album to make way for it, and this was the track they lost. You have to be a really great and prolific songwriter and artist to leave out tracks this good. See also Sad Eyes by Bruce Springsteen (iTunes).

(update of post originally from 15/08/07)


Lisa Bee said...

Pretty sure you can find M Ward stuff on emusic.

The World's Greatest Music said...

Thanks a lot Lisa. M Ward is on iTunes but his cover of Let's Dance isn't.

I love the concept of eMusic but when I tried it just after it had launched in the UK, there wasn't nearly enough stuff on there.