Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hammond Song by The Roches

Joe writes: Thanks to the group Beacons for introducing me to Hammond Song. It should be called If You Go Down To Heaven. It's really beautiful. The Roches are three sisters produced by Robert Fripp. Listening to it, I was convinced the group would be dead or reclusive but it seems they are back together and touring.

The Roches - Hammond Song (Amazon)

originally posted 26/06/07

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Clararama said...

The moral of the story: never believe a Beacon.
The reason that this track happens to be called Hammond Song, is because the lyric is actually 'If you go down to HAMMOND you'll never come back' and not 'Heaven'.
Full lyrics here:

Admittedly, the Beacons interpretation is lovelier.
If you are going to be the world's greatest mp3 blogger, you'l need to start doing your research.