Monday, 6 April 2015

Sandy Denny

Joe writes: I've been listening to Sandy Denny again after reading a review of her biography. Of the songs mentioned in the review, my favourite is No End - predictably, as it's a bitter break-up song with echoes of The Last Time I Saw Richard and Diamonds & Rust.

I've just added it to my Spotify playlist of break-up songs, .

But I'd still say Sandy's greatest hit is Fairport Convention's Who Knows Where The Time Goes:

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WKWTTG is my favourite too. It's on my list of 'funeral songs'! But I also have a soft spot for The Lady as it was the first Sandy Denny song I ever heard, on John Peel. Sometimes I hear great similarity with Linda Thompson's voice and sometimes not so much. But SD remains my favourite female vocal of all time.