Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

Joe writes: This came on the radio while I was driving through Los Angeles. It sounded so futuristic. It was clearly a massive inspiration for the Drive soundtrack, but much as I love Real Hero and Nightcall, this is on a different level in terms of melody, vocal performance, arrangement, everything.

It has been used on numerous films, TV programmes and adverts, starting with the pilot episode of Miami Vice. Some of those uses, like the Cadbury's Gorilla commercial and The Hangover, have been slightly mocking, which is perhaps why not everyone realises what a brilliant, serious, angry record this is.

The official video is cut to the single version which has drums from near the start, added on the suggestion of Ahmet Ertegun so don't listen to that, listen to this:

And here's a demo version, before the addition of Phil's trademark gated drum sound:

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