Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Atomic Kitten - Whole Again as head on The Big Reunion Show

Joe writes: I have been planning a new series where I post lesser-known original versions or demos of classic songs. Then I heard Atomic Kitten singing Whole Again on TV last night in the reunion programme The Big Reunion. Also appearing are the likes of Honeyz and Liberty X. Records like End Of The Line and A Little Bit More really haven't stood the test of time, but Whole Again undoubtedly has. The song was originally written by Andy McCluskey of OMD, and Stu Kershaw. Bill Padley and Jem Godfrey then did "additional production and mix" which, on this occasion, included writing an excellent melody for the previously spoken word verses. I can't find the original spoken word version on YouTube and I probably shouldn't post it there, but if you'd like to hear it, email

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