Monday, 6 February 2012

Indonesian jam

Joe writes: The Music Alliance Pact is a monthly collaboration where blogs from around 35 numerous countries each pick one track to represent their country. I wish someone would launch a pop version of this where the biggest local track from each country is represented, but in the meantime, there are usually one or two interesting tracks amongst the Music Alliance Pact zip file.

This month the interesting track comes from Indonesia's Belkastrelka, "an eccentric electronic duo who sample sounds from various sources – windows, the library, television, nature and everything else. Combined with the tiny but wild vocals of Asa Rahmana, they create feral dance music." Am I mad or is Pujian Ekspatriat, which features Fraya and is tipped by the Indonesian webzine, a bit of a jam? Someone should sample it. Here's the mp3.

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