Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lady Of The Sunshine

Joe writes: I have this CD with no information on it. It's somewhere between a stripped down Kings Of Leon and Fleet Foxes, and it's really good, especially the first five tracks. I googled the title and artist (Smoking Gun by Lady Of The Sunshine) and it turned up nothing, which added to the intrigue.

It turns out it's a solo album by Angus Stone of Angus & Julia fame and it's due out in April. Here's one of those opening five tracks. There are even better ones awaiting you on the album.

Lady Of The Sunshine - White Rose Parade (not on Amazon yet)


littlegirl_07 said...

amazing... its suprisingly heavy for a song created by angus stone.. didnt expect that at all..

still awesome but =)

bennyoz said...

awesome stuff by angus- can't wait for the album