Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Save The World, Get The Girl

Phil writes: A great title for a great album. The King Blues have succeeded in producing one of those albums where every song is worth more than one listen. They remind me, amongst others, of Billy Bragg, Mike Skinner, Lennon, Everclear, and I guess they're inspired by most if not all of the bands mentioned in What If Punk Never Happened, the tour de force which makes such a perfect final track. There's even a song which sounds as though it might be a Nizlopi cover - it isn't, of course - is there such a thing? The success here is the extent to which the influences have led to some distinctive and memorable tracks with some great tunes and clever lyrics, rather than pale imitations, as is sometimes the case. You really need to get the whole album (Amazon) but the title track is possibly as good an introduction as any.

The King Blues - Save The World, Get The Girl (iTunes)

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