Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Robin Frederick

Joe writes: My brother introduced me to the song Sandy Grey which has something tragic in common with Boulder To Birmingham, the Emmylou Harris song I wrote about here. Boulder To Birmingham is about Gram Parsons, and was written after his death. Sandy Grey was written about Nick Drake while he was still alive. The writer is Robin Frederick, although the best known version was recorded by John Martyn. Robin's home demo is beautiful. She writes about the song here, and writes at length about Nick Drake here.

Here, also, are my favourite tracks by Nick Drake and John Martyn. I really think One Of These Things First is the best Nick Drake song and recording - the playing, the mood, the lyric that says so little yet says so much - it's just perfect. May You Never is lovely too, and I think must have been an inspiration for Jack Johnson.

Sandy Grey (stream of original home demo) - Robin Frederick (there's only a new version on iTunes - Robin, you should release the original)

May You Never - John Martyn (iTunes)

One Of These Things First - Nick Drake (iTunes)

update of post originally from 02/10/08

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Layton said...

Robin is an excellent songwriter! I'm so glad to see someone else giving her her due.

She actually runs a company that's super helpful for up and coming artists... http://www.ourstage.com/blog/2011/6/15/get-lyrical-tips-for-aspiring-songwriters