Thursday, 28 August 2008

Interesting how one thing leads to another

when you start trying to identify songs. I've been watching coverage of the Democratic convention and noticed how much Springsteen featured on the soundtrack - that's literally what it is, every speech, video and bit of business accompanied or followed by a snatch of music. I think they should publish the playlist for nerds everywhere.

As well as Springsteen, I heard amongst other vaguely familiar tracks 'American Girl' and had to check who it was by - Tom Petty, of course. Great track, but I'm not sure that they would have used it if they'd read the lyrics right through. Then I noticed on YouTube that Everclear had covered it - quite a decent version. In the YouTube comments someone remarked that they do an acoustic version of it. That I would love to hear as their version of 'Brown Eyed Girl' as the Beach Boys might have done it is absolute class, and very surprising given their usual style. I had been wondering what the Republicans should use on their soundtrack and came across 'Volvo Driving Soccer Mom'. Read the lyrics.

Tom Petty - American Girl (iTunes)
Everclear - Brown Eyed Girl (iTunes)

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nycblack said...

I'm a big Everclear fan. Glad to see the rest of the world is finally beginning to notice.

Stopping by to show some love to a fellow music lover. I admire and am inspired by lovers of music...especially those willing to step outside the mainstream and remain true to themselves. Stop by and visit sometime.

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