Saturday, 5 July 2008

Two tracks that never pall

These were on tapes that my sons made when they were just discovering stuff for themselves and were played endlessly on the van stereo when we were on one of our summer trips. 'The Whole of the Moon' is an exceptional track - chock full of vivid imagery and imaginative leaps. I believe that it's actually about Roddy Frame which kind of surprised me when I heard it as for me there's no question that Mike Scott is a far more talented musician and songwriter. Still, 'Somewhere In My Heart' is one of those near-perfect pop songs which every singer songwriter must dream of producing.

The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon (iTunes)
Aztec Camera -
Somewhere In My Heart (iTunes)

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Wow, wish we had listened to stuff like that on our family car stereo. My dad had two tapes in the car, both of which were Foster and Allen. I spent at least ten year never going on a car journey without being plugged into my Walkman like a typical anti-social teenager. If we'd been listening to the same music it might have given us something to talk about....