Sunday, 10 February 2008

I was just reading an interview with my favourites Vampire Weekend in The Guardian and they list Brenda Fassie as an influence

Joe writes: Brenda Fassie was one of the biggest artists in South Africa, selling millions of each album.

There was a plan to break her in Britain with remixes of Vuli Ndlela but nothing ever came of it. What a brilliant track though. Incredible vocal. It definitely could have been a hit in the Northern Hemisphere. It's from her Memeza album which has this extraordinary artwork:

I once visited the Cape Town township where Brenda grew up. Here's a photo:

Brenda Fassie - Vuli Ndlela (iTunes)

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hedmekanik said...

Hi there World's Greatest, looks like you and I are that rare bird in the blogosphere - Brenda Fassie fans.
Check out mine if you've the time - I recently posted Too Late For Mama and a short piece on her performance I attended.