Thursday, 6 December 2007

Lisa Hannigan (and Damien Rice)

Joe writes: There is new solo material coming soon from Lisa Hannigan who sang vocals on both the Damien Rice albums but is no longer working with him. I'm really excited about this new material. Damien is possibly my favourite artist of the millennium so far and Lisa could be great on her own.

So here's a seasonal a capella cover from Lisa, and her own version of Cannonball. I've also posted the Billie Holiday version of Don't Explain which Lisa covers, as does Cat Power on her forthcoming covers album.

I really think the second Damien Rice album should have sold better. The record company blame the artist for refusing to allow them to do radio mixes until it was too late. I think they picked the wrong second single in Rootless Tree. Anyway, I suspect in time the album will be recognised as a classic. The first half of the album is one awesome, brutal song after another. My favourite is probably The Animals Were Gone - such a great opening line and title. All the lyrics are great in fact. And it's kind of seasonal.

Lisa Hannigan - Silent Night (iTunes)

Lisa Hannigan - Cannonball (Damien's original version on iTunes)

Billie Holiday - Don't Explain (iTunes)

Damien Rice - The Animals Were Gone (iTunes)

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