Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Tony Wilson

Joe writes: Some people are only fully appreciated after their death. Everyone realised how great Tony Wilson was while he was still alive, and this is some consolation to me.

Here are tracks from three of the different incarnations of Factory.

Decades by Joy Division (iTunes)

Hymn From A Village by James (Amazon)

Wasted by Hopper (not on iTunes although another album by them is there)

Having A Party (Live in London) by The Young Offenders Institute (not on itunes although another single by them is)

Tony was a visionary not only about music but also about technology - eight years ago, he set up a company called music33 to sell mp3s at 33p each which was probably about the right price. But his approach to business was erratic to say the least, which might explain why only one of my four Factory choices was actually available on iTunes at the time of writing.

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