Sunday, 18 September 2011

three very different songs I discovered on covermounts

Joe writes: Back when CDs seemed expensive, I used to buy pretty much any magazine with a free CD mounted on the cover. Most of the stuff on most of the CDs was rubbish. Even if I liked the artist in question, the track featured would generally be an outtake or inferior album track. But I did discover the occasional great track on a covermount.

Emerald Sword by Rhapsody was on a CD that came with the charmingly amateur-looking Hard Roxx magazine. I wrote about this recently, and I recently bought a Rhapsody pin badge in an independent record shop in Arezzo in their native Italy.

One of the first covermounts I acquired after my family got a CD player was also one of the best. It was a Sony Music compilation Now That's What I Call Free which came with Q Magazine at a time when Sony must have been having identity problems. Highlights were Appetite by Prefab Sprout, Restless by The Rockingbirds, and two lovely, understated songs by artists who were little heard of subsequently, Sometimes I'm Wild by Jerry Burns and I Will Be Waiting by Martyn Joseph, who is still around and touring.

(update of post originally from 20/08/08)

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Anonymous said...

i like the song of Martyn Joseph - I will be waiting.